The Conduit System Update
July 25, 2009 04:23PM
Alright, so on release day me and my brother went out to buy the conduit. To our dismay, it required a system update to play. Hesitantly, we went along with it. I'm not exactly sure what it did, I believe it brought us up to 3.4.

Anyways, so we recently went through the annoying process of installing USB Loader GX. We had trouble getting it to work on 3.4, so we updated to 4.1. After that our HBC started having the black screen error, and we followed this guide to get it working again: []

We finally got both the HBC and USB Loader GX to work and have successfully backed up Super Mario Galaxy to test it. Everything seemed to go smooth, but later that day we popped in The Conduit, and it was asking for a system update again. I believe it may think we aren't up to date because we may have downgraded an IOS or two when installing HBC/USB Loader, but I don't recall at the moment. In another forum I read that I can circumvent the update by backing up the game and loading it from USB Loader GX. However, if there is no harm in updating then I don't see many problems doing it, but it may bring back the black screen error or cause some HB to not work.

So: Should we install this, and what exactly does the update entail?

As a side note, one of our Wii Remotes keeps disconnecting from the Wii mid-game. All control is lost, and then the lights go out for a few seconds, and then it turns back on and works fine, provided the nunchuck was left in neutral. Any idea what causes this/how to fix it? (This may be our Wii Remote that got dropped when the first strap broke)
Re: The Conduit System Update
July 25, 2009 06:36PM
The problem is that you updated with The Conduit instead of running it with Gecko OS. You could have played the game without all that upgrading/downgrading/fail. Just run it with Gecko OS.
Re: The Conduit System Update
July 25, 2009 08:53PM
WiiBrew does not support or condone the use of 'backups'. Such being the case, disscussion of them is strictly prohibited in all areas of the WiiBrew Forums.
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