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How to record PC activity to video

Posted by mokdeeo 
How to record PC activity to video
December 25, 2009 08:59AM
If you want to record every click of what you have been doing on computer, camera is not the only choice.Screen recorder will do that for you.PC activity includes any area of the desktop screen, mouse cursor's shape and movement,etc.Whatever you are doing with computer would be recorded.

Step1: Download Screen Recorder and Set It Correctly
Before we get started,let’s download a screen recorder first.I will take Total Screen Recorder as example.I will show you how to record things you want.

Setting must be done correctly.(Detailed setting of total screen recorder can be found in this site).Here we need to fix a recording area.

Interface of Total Screen Recorder.
Red button is the starting menu.

We need to decide the region to capture.if you want to record the whole screen,click full screen;if fixed screen,fix your area.

Step 2: Let’s Get Started to Record

After finishing all the settings,click the start button.Then a green frame will appear,which is the area needed to be recorded.Since you have started,do whatever you want,they will be recorded.If you have finished your recording,stop it,save the file and watch the play back.It’s easy and convenient.

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Re: How to record PC activity to video
December 25, 2009 02:19PM
Lol cam studio is a much better program plus they don't go for stupid ways to advertise. This is a homebrew forum not a
pc forum idiot.
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