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how do i fix my bricked wii?

Posted by jebus_rice 
how do i fix my bricked wii?
February 08, 2010 07:44AM
my wii is from the u.s. but it was modified here in the philippines so that i could play pirated games. ive bought several pirated and original games from the same stores with no problem. then when i bought an original game, i couldnt play it because i needed a system update. but it said something like: "if your wii has unauthorized modification this update will cause the system to become inoperable" or something like that. (i also tried buying a pirated game to the same results) so i tried hacking into it. i followed instructions from a guy on penhacks.com (who is stumped) and followed the steps he gave me. ive installed hackmii, HBC, DVDx, bootmii (to IOS since boot2 was not available or something), and CIOS rev14. when i tried to install system menu 4.2U (the next step), there was an error. the error says:
Installing WAD, please wait.....
>>Installing title.....ERROR! (ret= -1036)
ive been told this means my NAND is full. but i dont hav any wiiware or anything else on my wii. but after trying several times, it installed. but then , when i checked in the Wii settings menu, it still said ver 3.3U. (my original version). so i tried several times again to more errors. one time, when i restarted my wii, nothing came up on the screen. it was just black.

can someone help me? what can i do? PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HACKING AND THE TECHNICAL S*** ABOUT THE WII. Ive heard of many other suggestions but no one has given me clear instructions. Some have suggested "booting WAD Manager, by using an autoboot modified homebrew trucha signed disc, then you might have a chance to unbrick your Wii by installing IOS60." others have suggested savemiifrii (which i have tried to no success) and an autoboot disc and IOS or something like that. What do you suggest? PLEASE PROVIDE CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS.
Re: how do i fix my bricked wii?
February 08, 2010 12:54PM
Try head banging.
Re: how do i fix my bricked wii?
February 08, 2010 05:54PM
Make sure you perform said head banging to completion until the intended result (death) occurs. Otherwise you may experience uncomfortable side effects such as headaches. Mental retardation, however, is not a threat, as you already have that condition.

If you are incapable or unwilling to bang your head to death, please consider becoming sterile in order to remove yourself from the gene pool.
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