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Unresponsive Wii/Bricked Help!

Posted by ngkrk6 
Unresponsive Wii/Bricked Help!
November 03, 2010 07:30PM
I have a black Wii with 4.2U installed. I was able to use Smash Stack to install HBC and bootmii as i believe an ios (can only run from HBC). Because i wanted to run games from a USB drive i had USBLoaderGX installed and this worked. I also wanted the wii to boot directly into USBLoaderGX instead of the system menu. I proceeded to install priiloader and was successful, although it would never boot to USBLoaderGX from priiloader because it said my usb drive was not recognized (USBLoaderGX problem). I took the SD card out and deleted the USBLoaderGX files and several .wad files that were in the root from the patching process so I could try and reinstall USBLoaderGX. Upon putting the SD card back in and turning the wii, it will not start. The CD drive lights up and makes a grinding sound like its searching for a disk, and then just sits there, with nothing on the screen. The wiimotes will not sync with the system. I'm really not sure what happened. The guide i read for installing priiloader had me put the priiloader boot.dol in the apps folder. Does this need to be on the root as well? Can you please help?
Re: Unresponsive Wii/Bricked Help!
November 04, 2010 02:38AM
how is it that you checked the box agreeing that you wouldn't talk about backup loaders... and then that's what you talk about?

I'll never understand some people...

Seriously though, for the purposes of a quick survey... why did you agree not to talk about that stuff, and then you talked about it?
Re: Unresponsive Wii/Bricked Help!
November 06, 2010 09:09AM
Ummm.... font not big/bold/underlined enough? =P
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