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I need an app.

Posted by Relay17 
I need an app.
November 04, 2010 09:23PM
ok. I really need an app that will play burned cd's and dvd's. FIRST, let me say i own the rights to every burned cd or dvd i have, i also own the cds and dvds and created copies of them, but i created copies incase the original ones got lost or broken. i would just like an app that is easy to use and plays burned cds and dvds. again, i own the rights. also, i am deeply sorry if i have broken any of the rules.
Re: I need an app.
November 04, 2010 10:35PM
first off, we don't care if you "own the rights" or not. any advice given can be used by those that dont.

also, burnt cds will NEVER work in a Wii, as the Wii CANNOT read CDs.

don't talk about this stuff again, its against the rules whether you own the stuff or not.
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