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The need for a SD Card

Posted by medivhok 
The need for a SD Card
January 02, 2011 06:59PM
Hi everyone,

I installed Homebrew on my wii and I was wondering if theres is a way to put everything on the usb hdd (fat32) so we don't need and SD Card once homebrew is installed. I found that I can configure cfg usb loader to get his cfg files and store pictures on the usb drive. But what about the apps folder and the .dols ?

I posted the question tho its probably been asked before. I did a quick search on the forums but found nothing. I expect an answer like no we cant, but in fact, unless we can, I'm more interested in an answer like no we can't BECAUSE... hehe

But I'm not expecting an answer while I'm siting on my but. I'm gonna keep looking and learn more about the way everything works (cios and dols and boot2) and when I find something or learn more about my querry, I will post the info in this thread for futur reference =)

Thank you
Re: The need for a SD Card
January 02, 2011 09:22PM

well for cfg USB Loader. The installation process of bootmii I have followed seems to have installed a forwarder because I have the cfg usb loader channel. After reading a lot about the boot process and all (very interesting) I simply copied my apps/ and usb-loader/ folders to my usb hdd, edited the usb-loader/config.txt to save the covers to usb instead of sd.. and voila. I just tried it. No sd card inserted, I started the usb loader and had access to all my games stored on my hdd.

So, for this thread, if you are only using homebrew to install usb loader to backup your games and play them without the cd switching, the sdcardless way works.

Now, since I'm geek deep inside my guts, I'm gonna keep reading and see if I can get homebrew and bootmii to load from the usb hdd. I read that if cfg usb loader doesnt find the config file on the sd card, it loads the usb hdd and look for the file there, so thats why it's working. But for homebrew and bootmii, I dont know.


p.s.: My son and my nephew are curently playing with the wii (and the console belongs to them hehe) so I cant test right now (or very little testing) I don't really play with the wii and the bootmii was to keep my 5yo son to play with the cds and scratch them =) But coding is what my fun is so that is why I wanna keep reading and learning about how everything work with bootmii and homebrew.
Re: The need for a SD Card
January 02, 2011 10:07PM
No usb loaders here. Read the rules before posting again please. Thanks.
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