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Help With Letterbomb

Posted by BobsBurgers 
Help With Letterbomb
January 27, 2012 03:15AM
I followed some guy's tutorial on youtube, and i formated my SD card, and installed homebrew channel using letterbomb, and so i went on the next step which was formating the card again, and putting some download pack that had wads in it. I booted it up from the sd card on wii using bootmii installer on something called Multi Mod Manager, and so i installed all the WADs, and then went on to install PriiLoader, and then like the guy, the installer froze, and he rebooted his wii, and turned it back on. However, when i did that, i got stuck in MMM. So i looked online and found out you need to take out the SD card if it reboots to the MMM. Luckily, my wii booted up again, but that's not the whole story. What else happen was i pressed reset to use the priiloader. It didn't load, so i had to insert the sd card. It still reseted back to the wii. I rebooted wii, and it loaded the MMM again! *sighs* So i'm just wondering what's the problem. The difference was i have an older wii. He had a newer wii. First problem can be how i installed it to both boot2 and IOS, while he only installed to IOS because of his newer wii, though he did say you should install to not only IOS, but also boot2. Second problem can be when he installed PriiLoader, his only error was password.txt. For me and for another user that was having the same problem as me, the errors were not only password.txt not deleted error -106, but also got loader.ini not deleted error -106. Please help! I want to protect my wii from getting bricked since it has homebrew on it! PLEASE HELP!
Re: Help With Letterbomb
January 27, 2012 04:35AM
Go complain to him, we don't support these fail "how to use WADs and warez" guides here.
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