Request-request forum and pc homebrew app.
March 24, 2009 04:07PM
Well, this seems to be the place to place request so: My first request would be some easy and obvious request page. Second, how about a PC application that looks for updates. It could have a dual pane system that looks at both the SD card (if any) and a user defined folder where the the contents of the SD card are backed up or stored when not in use. Something along the lines of the Homebrew Browser Application. My current setup is a folder marked Wii with 3 subfolders: one for non-homebrew applications, one with the initial installers (Twighlight Hack with Homebrew Channel and DVDx Installer) and one for the current setup. A potential setup for this app could be one folder for Non-Homebrew (profile) data, one folder with the installers, one folder with the current setup, and a folder with apps all apps (including those not in use).

Hopefully this is the right place to post these request and I'm hoping someone could make these work (a fully functional Wii64 would also be nice.)

Eventually a developer tool addon could be developed to make it easier to program new apps. Such a tool could include the current development kit (which I've use but, should try out really soon) with links to important forums and/or saved copies of faqs.

Thanks in advanced.
Re: Request-request forum and pc homebrew app.
March 24, 2009 06:14PM
I have a rather easy request. My wife LOVES playing this game, Blockarelli.

Any chance of someone making a HB version of it?
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