Wii Double Down!!
July 30, 2009 03:52AM
My first homebrew release is up!

Wii Double Down is just a simple blackjack game using GRRLIB 4.0.

Learned a lot from this first stab including menus, rumble, sfx, music, volume control, animation, and basic card logic (including a blackjack assistant).

The only thing i didn't get to on this release that I wanted to was the ability to split... but that should be coming soon.
*edit: split now available!

The end goal will be a full casino game (CasWiino is my working title... HA!) that will involve multiple players, multiple games, and the ability to save your progress (wallet).

Source will be up soon with complete comments... please feel free to check it out and give me your $0.02 on what is good and what sucks... it's the only way I'll learn!

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Re: Wii Double Down!!
July 30, 2009 05:03AM
I love Blackjack!
Going to download it.
Re: Wii Double Down!!
July 30, 2009 05:12AM
uh oh, my first critic is going to be a true lover of the game... /me cringes!!!
Re: Wii Double Down!!
July 31, 2009 03:22AM
I liked it, just need a bit of polish at the menu and at the interface (it's not very intuitive)
Re: Wii Double Down!!
July 31, 2009 07:29PM
thanks for the feedback Daniel!

I'm actually adding some menu item features now and trying to clean it up some.

Can you be more specific about what needs polishing / what could be better with the menu and interface?

Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 01, 2009 07:31AM
Ok, i put v1.1 up.

I added some small things like custom table color picker.
I also did some major housecleaning on the code in prep for source release... v1.1 does more stuff and is about 20% smaller in size (which will be nice as i start to add more games) and about 50% smaller in the "lines of code" dept.

The biggest thing is you can now navigate the menus and play the game with using the Dpad to highlight and the buttons to select. Seems nicer and faster since you don't have to wrestle with pointing your pointer at the screen on the buttons (although you still CAN do that if you want).

I could use some help with the Table Menu in the Options. It is the only menu that you still need the pointer to select with. There's a better way to arrange that menu so that you can navigate and make selections / changes with the Dpad. (right now the Dpad just navigates the Hex color picker and you still need the pointer to select). If anyone thinks of any fresh ideas, i would love to try them out... right now my brain is fried and that menu is the only one that i still don't like.

Homebrew rules!
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 02, 2009 02:10AM
I really like it. The only thing is that the button bet - bet +, ect are a little too small, try putting them across the side, or top, or something.
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 02, 2009 09:03AM
Thanks g_man

good idea!

I shall make them bigger / easier to hit. I actually stopped noticing that since i've been using the dpad to pick all my buttons, but when i do use the pointer i notice it's a bit tough.

They were originally that small back when i was looking to have 3 players and figured to have a crowded screen, but they can be bigger for the one player.

I've just added the split feature and need to still fix that table color picker menu but hope to have the next version out soon... i forgot how much better the split feature makes the game... good stuff.
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 05, 2009 01:27PM
I'm not sure if you are interested in a graphics artist but I like your game and would like to work with you.

Here are some samples I have:

I actually have almost every sprite created for this too.

Either way just let me know! :)
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 06, 2009 03:34AM
awesome images nick.. check your pm!
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 06, 2009 07:25AM
v1.2 is up..

Daniel... after using the game a bunch i noticed what you were talking about the interface stuff... i made some changes that i hope make that better (instead of bet+ and bet- with the A button = 1 and the B button =10..... it is now a $10 and $1 button with A being + and B being -)

It flows much smoother.

Added a "random table color" option.. (kinda fun to play with)
Added the Split feature... AWESOME.. (right now you can only split once but i'll change that later)
Added Nunchuk and Classic Controller support (this is great as you can just navigate around and with new button layout, it flows better... plus you don't have to point and click if you don't want to (although you still can if you liked that)
Better menu.

The next release will probably involve a large graphics overhaul as well as multi deck, multi split, more audio options etc...
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 07, 2009 02:38PM
One problem, after I lose all the money I can't do anything and have to hard reset the wii
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 07, 2009 07:08PM
mdbrim, you should incorporate a HOME menu into your game. There are multiple ones available as libraries and it is very easy to do with either of them.
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 08, 2009 03:01AM
Arikado... what do you mean a "HOME" menu... i'm not sure i understand...

TwoBladedKnight... can you tell me more about your problem? I can't seem to get mine to do that. When i loose all my money it gives me the ATM picture and the Exit doors picture and i can select which one i would like.

At what point does yours freeze?
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 09, 2009 03:02PM
I don't see the value in a home menu, persay, but moving the options to the HOME button makes sense.
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 10, 2009 01:45PM
A HOME Menu, generically, is a menu that pops up when you press the HOME button. Traditionally, they give you options to quit or resume your application.

There are two great libraries you can use to incorporate a HOME Menu.

Mine (which features customizable graphics): [www.wiibrew.org]
And MetaFight's (which looks exactly like Nintendo's): [www.wiibrew.org]
Re: Wii Double Down!!
August 11, 2009 02:01AM
A HOME Menu, generically, is a menu that pops up when you press the HOME button. Traditionally, they give you options to quit or resume your application.

gotcha, that's what i thought you meant... just wasn't sure since i already have something like that in place.

that's easy to do, i actually already have one that you get to when you press the plus button, but it would be cake for me to switch it to the home button and make it a pop up instead of leaving the table...the way i've written it, it actually does that anyway, the pop up is just the entire size of the screen...

edit x2* STILL suck at quoting.

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