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Wiiware emulator?

Posted by profetylen 
Wiiware emulator?
November 04, 2008 02:31PM
I am really sorry if I am posting something illegal now, but I hope this isn't illegal.

Would it be possible to create an emulator that emulates wiiware and VC games directly from WAD-files?

How did people do when they e.g. created Snes9x? Did they like open the SNES machine and #¤¤4(% from the #/&¤ and then it was all done? I'm a bit new in these kinds of codes that you are dealing with to create Wii software. Sorry if I'm just stupid.
Re: Wiiware emulator?
November 04, 2008 02:35PM
Technically, you wouldn't "emulate" WiiWare and VC games, as they are already designed to run on the Wii.

You're almost there, to create SNES9X, they did need to research all the technical aspects of the machine, then write some code which would read SNES code and produce native code for the machine the emulator runs on.

Also, if you don't already own (as in "purchased") the WiiWare and VC titles you want to play, you will get no help here. If you already own them, well, you don't really need to do anything special to run them, because you'll have already downloaded them to your system menu and load them as a channel

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Re: Wiiware emulator?
November 04, 2008 03:06PM
There's no point in "emulating" VC/WiiWare on the Wii (other than a misguided attempt at a new way of pirating them). Closing.
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