Did someone have seen that? (cIOS Patchmii for Korean Disc)
November 12, 2008 06:15PM
cIOS Patchmii Installer with Korean Disc Support

This apparently is based on cIOS Patchmii Installer from Tona, but implementing Korean Disc support and the features form rev06 of Waninkoko cIOS. It also uses IOS37 instead of 36.

I didn't find about this in other forums... Also, this article have a link for some "GeckoOS 1.07b with Korean Disc Support". I downloaded the pack for checking, and it comes not only with a .DOL, but also with a WAD, possibly a banner version of GeckoOS (I didn't installed, and I have no interest on running Korean Discs, so I not going to)...

Well, it's interesting. Have someone tested it? Some time ago I readed in Hackmii blog about how fuzzy is the Korean Wii and its games...
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