Snes9x - Lost video signal
January 10, 2010 06:12PM
Every time I press home to go back to the main menu, my video signal cuts out. It resumes the game when I press home again, but to load another game or to get back to the HBC or Wii menu, I have to power off the Wii while in the initial loaded game. I don't remember this always being an issue, but recently, this is all that is happening when I press the home button. Is this a known bug? Or has anyone else had this issue and resolved it?
Re: Snes9x - Lost video signal
January 12, 2010 11:37PM
You probably changed your video settings. I have had this issue before. :) Since you obviously can't change the video settings within the program, you will need to do it manually.
On your SD card go here: SD:/ snes9x/ settings.xml Open it with notepad, then change the number in red to 0 (which is auto detect video mode).
"setting name="videomode" value="0" description="Video Mode" /"
If this does not work, try changing the number again. If THAT doesn't work, go bug Tantric.

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Re: Snes9x - Lost video signal
January 14, 2010 03:19AM
Thanks for the reply :) For some unknown reason, things are back to normal. However, I don't remember messing with any settings recently to cause or resolve this issue. It's bizarre how it just seems to work or not work - lol. Either way, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try messing with those numbers soon to see if I can re-create the lost signal, although it seems unlikely.
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