FCE Ultra GX - Can't save FDS games - what to do?
January 19, 2010 06:23PM
Hey guys, new to this forum, this is my first post. Anyway, im hoping someone can help me out with saving FDS games on the wii. In games that have save slots such as Legend of Zelda or Metroid, while on my PC, I can delete the original save that came preloaded (apparently when the image was copied) and make my own new save, play the game, save the game when im done, and return to it later. But when im on the Wii, it always goes back to the original save file that was present when I copied it to my SD card. Say for example, im at the start of LoZ, and copy the file to my Wii SD card. I can play it, and save it, but when I restart it its back to the beginning. It doesnt see the new save at all. On my PC, when I save a FDS game, it makes a new copy of the FDS game in the sav folder with the new sav info. On the wii, it does not do this. So its kinda pointless playing these games on the Wii if I have to beat it in one sitting. Anyone know how to fix this?
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