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DOP-Mii Setup Quick Question

Posted by elmoreas 
DOP-Mii Setup Quick Question
March 04, 2010 05:39AM
When I unzip DOP-Mii there is the normal app folder with the png xml and dol file that goes in the app folder but there is also a config folder with a DOP-Mii.cfg file in it. I already have a config folder that has a .cfg file in it for a different app, though it is named differently, so do I just add the DOP-Mii.cfg file to the config folder I already have along with the other .cfg file and the app folder like normal and it will work? Or do I need to have only this .cfg file in the config folder for the app to work?

Oh and one other quick question when I go back to add NAND permissions to IOS36 that I already TBR'ed with Trucha and ES Identify do I select that I want to DOP IOS36 or add fakesigned content to IOS36 and only select NAND Permissions or what. This was kind of answered earlier but I have never used DOPIOS MOD/DOP-Mii and I do not know what to expect or what options to select and I do not want to select the wrong thing and cause an issue. All I want to do is add NAND permissions to IOS36 that already has Trucha and ES Identify, so could someone tell me what option I am supposed to select in DOP-Mii to do this. Thank you. Sorry to ask such a stupid question but I really want to get this right and am a little nervous, since this is the only mod I have done other than TBR.

Thanks in advance to those that help. It is greatly appreciated. Talk to you all later.

Re: DOP-Mii Setup Quick Question
March 04, 2010 06:34AM
I'm really not sure where to put the config folder, sorry. Someone else needs to help with that.

As for the NAND Permissions:

Load Dop IOS MOD. Select install IOS36. It will ask you if you want to apply NAND permissions, select yes. I think it asks if you want other options; just say no to those.
Re: DOP-Mii Setup Quick Question
March 04, 2010 07:02AM
The config files could probably be in the same folder.

It will ask you about patching the trucha bug, patching ES_Identify, and patching NAND permissions. You can choose whichever you want, but I believe SGM MOD only needs NAND permisions for the IOS it's using.
Also, since you already have IOS36 with trucha and ES_Identify, you would have to select yes again because you are installing a new IOS.

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Re: DOP-Mii Setup Quick Question
March 04, 2010 07:49AM
Thanks for the help all. Talk to you all later.

Re: DOP-Mii Setup Quick Question
March 04, 2010 09:05AM
For some reason it will not let me reinstall on IOS 36, though the syscheck says I have Trucha ES Id and NAND enabled on IOS36, but Save Game Manager Mod doesn't work with IOS36. So I guess I am going to have to DOP another IOS isnt 37 the other one to use? BTW it said Flash was disabled on IOS36 if that makes a difference on why SGM Mod didn't work, though my understanding is only NAND is needed. But I am confused because I clearly remember not installing NAND when I TBRed IOS36 so I don't know what is going on but the Important thing is Trucha and ES Id are for sure on 36 so I can use 36 to DOP another IOS and in the process have NAND done too correct? And if so I should use what IOS? 37?

Thanks for the help

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