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Savegame Extractor 2.0 Help

Posted by shamelessegotist 
Savegame Extractor 2.0 Help
May 29, 2010 02:31AM
I am new to this and am currently trying to figure out a way to get my Monster Hunter Tri save game data from the Wii onto an SD card.

I downloaded Savgame Extractor 2.0 and read the read me. All it says is to run application then continue with the various steps...

My question is: How do I go about running the application?

I am not using my own Wii at the moment hence why I am trying to extract the save game data. I am also worried about bricking the Wii as, again, it is not my Wii. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Preemptive thanks to everyone who can help.
Re: Savegame Extractor 2.0 Help
May 29, 2010 08:00AM
Run it like any other application; With the Homebrew Channel, or an exploit such as Bannerbomb
Re: Savegame Extractor 2.0 Help
May 29, 2010 09:06AM

Please don't double post. If you need a quick answer then join #wiihelp on IRC and ask.
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