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Speed boost in vba gx

Posted by Ibrewii 
Speed boost in vba gx
June 03, 2010 02:38AM
The wiki shows that VBA GX should have a turbo mode (which I assume means making the game run fast), but I haven't been able to get it to work. I am using just a wiimote, holding A+B. Button mappings don't reflect this setting, but according to the wiki, that's the default. Does anyone know about this?

Re: Speed boost in vba gx
June 03, 2010 02:48AM
I just use the Wii remote for FCEU and VBA and the Classic Controller for Snes9x. If you want to play with the CC, hold the right stick to the right. That's the turbo mode. You should also be able to re-map the controls, but the default is good, since I only use VBA to play Mother 3 and Shantae.

Also, the Turbo Mode only works for as long as you hold the buttons/direction. If you hear a sudden shift in music tempo or something happening in an instant, for example, that was the turbo.

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Re: Speed boost in vba gx
June 04, 2010 01:42AM
I'm not able to get that boost at all. I also tried playing Mother 3, and it doesn't work in that either. I don't have a classic controller. And I believe I have the latest version.
Re: Speed boost in vba gx
June 04, 2010 07:14AM
I just tried that out with both games. That might be a typo, and it also doesn't work in FCEU. Best option would be to play with a Classic Controller or a Gamecube controller, or maybe Nunchuck.
Re: Speed boost in vba gx
June 19, 2010 06:13PM
I tried playing with a nunchuk + wiimote, and can't get a speedboost. Can anyone post a game + control scheme with which you can get the speed boost in vbagx?
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