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Posted by calvinss4 
August 19, 2010 03:37PM
Howdy folks. Just released a version of TetriCycle that adds powerups to multiplayer; this puts quite a unique twist on tetris and I encourage you to try it with your friends (debugging multiplayer by my lonesome is difficult :P).

Some time in the next two weeks, I plan on setting up an SVN repository and releasing the source code; I hope some people will be interested enough to contribute powerups of their own.

Would anyone be so kind as to redesign the HBC icon for the upcoming 1.0 release?
Re: TetriCycle
August 19, 2010 04:38PM
Hello calvinss4!

I've been a follower of your project since you released it, why? basically because I love tetris and the cylindrical surface looked like a very interesting twist to me.

I already tried your new release with the power-ups and is looking great. I don't know if you ever played a game called TetriNET, well this game was multiplayer over the internet and introduced the concept of power-ups. It was a smash like 10 years ago, there were dedicated servers to host these games, international ladders, etc.

You could get ideas for extra power-ups from there. For example there was the 'Nuke' power-up, that you could use on yourself and it cleaned up your whole field. There were some other cool ones like switch fields, add lines at the bottom of the opponent's field, clear special blocks from opponents field (if they were going to pick up a good one!).

If you haven't played the game, give it a look, it will surely inspire you for cool stuff :)

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Re: TetriCycle
August 19, 2010 08:41PM
Hi Axel.

Those sound like great ideas for power-ups. I'll definitely take a look at TetriNET; I guess tetris is so old that it's almost impossible to do something completely unique for it :) Supporting network play would be phenomenal, but I doubt I'll have the time to implement it (I'm heading off to grad school soon). In releasing the source code, I have high hopes that the fabulous homebrew community will contribute some cool features and power-ups.
Re: TetriCycle
October 01, 2010 07:04AM
Well there you have it, source code is released. See the project page. Adding new powerups is pretty easy. I'd be super stoked if even one person adds a powerup.

Maybe if there are some nice contributions, TetriCycle could get nominated for featured homebrew?
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