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WiiSX keeps freezing at "Play Game" (FF8)

Posted by EyhSteve 
WiiSX keeps freezing at "Play Game" (FF8)
September 02, 2010 01:58AM
I'm trying to play Final Fantasy VIII on WiiSX, so I load the .bin file, and it says its loaded. But then when I click "Play Game" the whole thing freezes and I can't do anything.

I've got SCPH1001.bin in the right folder and everything. I don't understand!
Re: WiiSX keeps freezing at "Play Game" (FF8)
September 02, 2010 02:26PM
One word for you......Beta........Meaning it's test code, that is unfished and buggy. If you cant get a certain game running then there's not much anyone can tell you, cause it wont be running probably for a long time. It's just how things go with betas.
Re: WiiSX keeps freezing at "Play Game" (FF8)
September 02, 2010 06:27PM
FF VIII plays perfectly fine. Believe me... that's the first thing I tried heh. However, there are a few things you fail to include in your post:

- What version of WiiSX are you using?
- What version of HBC are you launching WiiSX from?
- What device holds WiiSX and your ISOs?

It is worth to note that WiiSX on HBC 1.0.7+ is kinda buggy (speaking from personal experience), and may range from simply not finding your files to not running anything at all.

Also, did you rip your own ISO or downloaded it somewhere off the net? If you ripped it, make sure your disc is clean and as scratch free as possible and try to rip it again. If you downloaded it from the net, it might've been corrupted while downloading, or was simply a bad rip. Try finding a different ISO and try that one.

Good luck.
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