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Has anyone got Crazy Intro to work?

Posted by seek 
Has anyone got Crazy Intro to work?
December 19, 2010 12:37AM
I'm trying to set up the Crazy Intro program, which looks really cool and helpful. I've followed the xml template to define all the applications I want to shortcut, and I believe that I've put my jpeg and mp3 in the correct folder (named 'tree') I also designated that folder as the directory to use with the "theme=tree". However, after installing the dol with priiloader and booting the Wii, I'm met with a background image that doesn't even exist on my sd card (a tiger and a dragon), and some .mod that I didn't put on. If anyone knows how to work with the xml to make this thing work, or could share some working script, that would be really helpful. I'd love to have these shortcuts at boot. Thanks!
Re: Has anyone got Crazy Intro to work?
December 28, 2010 01:08PM
instead of theme=tree it should be theme="tree" (with quotes)

also folder structure should be like below,

sd:/crazyintro/tree/(All the theme files...)

Other troubleshooting hints

1. Open crazyintro.xml in internet explorer or another xml validating tool so that it's valid.
2. The width and height of the images you use in your theme should be divisible by four.
3. Ensure that jpegs / pngs do not contain unsupported metadata.
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