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Wiiexplore question

Posted by supermegamanxl 
Wiiexplore question
January 05, 2011 03:50AM
can it download files
Re: Wiiexplore question
January 05, 2011 07:39PM
Why don't you try it and find out? Or are you talking about the unreleased web browser project? If so, it can't do anything, it doesn't exist publicly yet (if it ever will remains to be seen).
Re: Wiiexplore question
January 14, 2011 06:44PM
A guide made by me for you, for use with WiiExplorer and Filezilla.

You are able to download files directly from your computer or laptop to your SD Card, Disc, or USB drive by activating the FTP feature. In the Start menu of WiiExplorer, you will see an option labeled FTP, or something along those lines.
Once you click it, it will ask to update your version of WiiExplorer. Choose to update, if you'd like. If not, select not to.
In the bottom right, you will see a button that says Startup FTP.

You should have an FTPClient installed on your computer or laptop. I suggest, for example, Filezilla. After it's done downloading and installing, start it up. On the top, you should see a four fields, labeled Host, Username, Password, and Port. We'll only be using Host and Port. Go to your Wii, and on the top left of your television, it should show the Wii's IP. Type it in completely. Also check which port your Wii is listening to (It is ususally 21). Type the IP Address in Host, and the port number in Port. Then, press Quickconnect.

The Wii and the computer or laptop will connect with each other, you will be able to obviously see they are communicating.

On Filezilla, you will see a big box towards the right, above the Queue. It should say SD if an SD Card is mounted, and you will see other options if a disc or USB is mounted.

From here on, stay at your computer or laptop. Go into another window, and select the files that you want to wirelessly add to your device. Drag them into the target folder, in this case, the SD folder, which should be listed on Filezilla. Drag them to the SD folder, and the download processs will begin. The files you want to download to the SD Card will appear in the Queue, with a status bar showing how long it will take before it moves on to the next item (If I remember correctly, it can download multiple files at the same time). You can go up to your Wii if you so choose, and it will show the files being transferred.

After the transfer between the computer or laptop and the Wii is done, you can close the FileZilla, and shutdown the FTP Server on your Wii, by pressing Shutdown FTP.

You can now go into WiiExplorer, and you will find your files in the root. You may now move them where they need to go.
Tutorial finished.
Re: Wiiexplore question
January 24, 2011 04:17PM
Could the OP actually be referring to the download option that WiiXplorer has? If that is the case, then yes it can download files from the net, unfortunately I don't have any links that would be of use as all the ones I try never work properly. I hear that getting direct links from google code projects can be downloaded though. Give it a try. Good Luck
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