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vbagx issue?

Posted by xGRUMPYx 
vbagx issue?
February 02, 2011 10:29AM
well i have 40 roms on vbagx, problem is when i open the emulator it only shows 34 roms, if i go to wiixplorer it shows all of them, what seems to be the problem?
Re: vbagx issue?
February 02, 2011 06:31PM
I dunno, maybe you could arrange them into other folders, I don't know if VBAGX allows that though
Re: vbagx issue?
February 03, 2011 03:18AM
nope same problem, snes9xGx and fcu ultra dont have this problem only vba, i formatted the SD card but no luck, ...@Tantric maybe is a known issue???
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