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FCE Ultra GX wiimote problems

Posted by yoshitsune 
FCE Ultra GX wiimote problems
May 11, 2011 12:19PM
I am trying to run few old games through FCE Ultra GX and SNES GX and currently stuck upon playing them.

It seems all my wii remote refused to work with these emulators, when I set the emulator to use zapper on FCE I can control the movement only with my nunchucks connected with no jumping ability. However whenever the setting is on NES Controller 2 or 4, the only action I can do is jump, and this still with my nunchucks connected, using the Z button.

The only actions available with wii remote only is start and select, using button 1 and 2. And this is the case with NES Controller 2, 4, and Zapper on the setting.

And SNES GX has the same problem with the FCE UGX.

I believe I had the requirements met.

My wii remote FCC ID starts with IMB-WCF7, and upon googling further it shows this is genuine remote as the ID printed on the correct place with the correct font.

Can anyone help please?

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