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VBAGX Savegame question

Posted by Patcheazy 
VBAGX Savegame question
June 28, 2011 04:56AM

I am using VBAGX on my wii. i got it from the homebrew browser so i guess it is the latest version.

i am a little bit confused about the saving system.

on the VBA for PC you have these savestates where you can save anywhere in the game, and just load that state to be at exactly that point again.

i thought the savegame feature on VBAGX might be the same but it seems it is not.

is this correct?
i mean, i "saved" my game, and everything was fine, no errors or anything liek that - also the save files have been created i think (.sav files).

i tried loading one of these saves but the game just restarted.

am i mistaking the feature for something else or is it just.. broken?

Re: VBAGX Savegame question
July 01, 2011 08:16AM
Your are mistaking the feature for something else (I think) If you are using the SRAM save, then that is basically like taking a snapshot of the save that is saved on a normal GBA cartridge - if you get what I mean. There should be another save option (I forgot what it's called)
Re: VBAGX Savegame question
July 05, 2011 08:43AM
^ I think you mean the snapshot option.

I can't get the SRAM save to work either though. :/ So I always use snapshots.
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