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Channel Forwarder's

Posted by FieryPhoenix 
Channel Forwarder's
August 14, 2011 02:32AM
I have just installed some emulators via the HBC - Mame, C64, Amiga, Snes, etc.

I was just wondering if there are channel forwarders available anywhere so I can see the emulator icons in my Wii home screen and load them from there rather than accessing the hbc everytime.

Many thanls
Re: Channel Forwarder's
September 02, 2011 04:23AM
Snes,nes and gba channel installers are on the homebrew browser.most other channels can be found as wads,but it could be dangerous and can't be disscused here.

You can't give info like that. Google should be good enough. --bg4545

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