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DS Emulator on the Wii

Posted by redondo5 
DS Emulator on the Wii
January 04, 2009 05:32AM
With news of a PSone emulator and MAME emulator working on the Wii. A Fully functional GBA emulator.... I was wondering if anyone was working on a DS emulator for the Wii?

And would it even be possible? in terms of the Wii capability and 'power'??

There are Nintendo DS emulators that work on the PC.... such as No$GBA... which initally started only doing GBA games and later included DS games.

How difficult would it be too port an emulator like that to work on the wii? Would it be possible?

Obviously the DS has a touch screen, on the emulated PC that part of the game is done with mouse clicks....on the wii it would be with the wiimote pointer.....
Re: DS Emulator on the Wii
January 04, 2009 04:25PM
Well, the DS it's a very complex system. Like, well, almost all videogame systems =P
Theoretically I think it's possible, at least considering the "10X of power" rule. But DS is one of the rare platforms that doesn't give any kind of advantage when emulating, IMHO. I mean, my sister have a DS, and I have No$GBA and others, and is so much better to actually touch a screen... Besides, DS emulation is not 100% even on PCs, a lot of games still run sluggish, so a Wii version must be highly opmitized.
Re: DS Emulator on the Wii
January 05, 2009 03:53PM
Wouldnt it be possible to get the DS itself to act as a controller? I know that the two can connect, (Pity it doesnt see much use), I would say have the wii send the game data too the ds but Im not sure how the DS'es internal memory would hold up.
Re: DS Emulator on the Wii
January 05, 2009 05:02PM
Its possible (because nintendo did it), but no homebrewers (that I know of) have yet managed to connect the ds to wii.
Re: DS Emulator on the Wii
January 06, 2009 10:13PM
Arikado Edit: Do NOT tell people to buy flash carts for their ds so that they can play illegal games.

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Re: DS Emulator on the Wii
January 09, 2009 09:21AM
From my limited knowledge, Nintendo uses a modified protocol, which I think is known as Nifi, possibly only in homebrew circles, for DS to DS and DS to download station, and probably DS to Wii communication. I think there might DS homebrew games that have local DS to DS wireless capability, but I can't be sure, and I don't think libOGC allows the Wii to do Nifi either. However, theoretically you could just use regular Wifi and TCP to communicate between the Wii and DS, with the Wii acting as a server. There are DS homebrew apps that let you remote control your PC, similar to VNC or Remote Desktop. However, they are also really slow, so I'm not sure whether the speed would be fast enough to run an emulated DS game, and really, when you've got a DS why play a game emulated? Furthermore, you would need to write a DS homebrew client too, and have to have some sort of homebrew device on your DS, so it wouldn't be worth it at all.

I agree with Daniel that it's not really worth emulating the DS due to its unique hardware. But I suppose someone might find it interesting or worthwhile.
Re: DS Emulator on the Wii
January 19, 2009 04:56AM
I don't think its important to get the two devices to connect...

What would be good imo, is the ability to play some DS games (that you own) on your Wii (on a big TV screen)... Some games could work, like "the New super Mario Bros" which does use the touch screen that much... the parts that do, you could implement No$GBA approach of mouse movement and click... but on wii use the pointer instead of mouse

I understand it would be difficult but somehow getting something like NO$GBA emu on the wii would be really nice....although I aknowledge that probably isn't going to happen
Re: DS Emulator on the Wii
February 15, 2009 05:03AM
Now that some of Team Tweezers are working on Nintendo iDS ... will it be more likely to see someway these devices - Wii-DS communicate???
Re: DS Emulator on the Wii
February 15, 2009 03:34PM
Hmmm, that's possible in some distant future, but for now, the priority is find ways to run homebrew in DSi, not Wii-DS communication, that's fairly complicated anyway.
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