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Descent and WLAN?!?

Posted by thx1138 
Descent and WLAN?!?
November 28, 2011 09:10AM
I installed tueidj's fantastic Descent Port sucessfully and like it very much.
There is just one small issue: when my wireless lan is off, descent tries to start,
but hangs and gives me a repetitive sound with no options, but to power off.
When wlan is on, everything works fine, but no wlan = no descent !!
At home, i have a wireless lan most od the time, but I like to take my Wii with me,
when travelling and there is no wlan....:-(

Is there a way to fix this?

(I hope it is not a too stupid question; it's ma first post here...;-))
Re: Descent and WLAN?!?
November 28, 2011 11:10AM
Where did you download it from and how did you "install" it?
Re: Descent and WLAN?!?
November 29, 2011 09:56AM
My Wii is 4.3e , I installed the homebrew channel with letterbomb and
dowloaded Descent 1.1 from wiibrew.org.

It works _perfectly_ as long as my W-Lan Router is powered on. It does _not_ require an established
online connection (I have seperate router and cable modem, the cable modem can be powered off...!)
Maybe it requires an IP to work correctly (Wii is DHCP-client...)?
When the router is switched of (W-LAN-icon in homebrew channel is flashing) Descent tries to start,
but hangs up. Blue LED on Wiimote goes off, than all 4 are flashing and then again all off.
Sometimes it repeates a fraction of a SoundFX endlessly, sometimes it stays silent. Black screen
and that's it...

btw: Thanks for the fast reply and the fantastic work!!

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Re: Descent and WLAN?!?
November 29, 2011 05:21PM
Replace Descent's boot.elf with this one.
Re: Descent and WLAN?!?
December 01, 2011 06:47PM
YESSSSS! Works perfect for me, thank you very much!!
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