Transfering Freindcodes via Homebrew
January 05, 2009 03:39PM
Quite possibly the most annoying part of being a Wii owner is the existance with freinds codes. Only one of my RL freinds is a Wii owner and he's on dial up. And If I wish to play against someone It requires us both to put in each others freind codes. Repeat as many times as people you wish to play against. Which is especially annoying when you are attempting to trade codes via Fourms.

While my own coding ability is at nowhere near the level required to actually code proper homebrew myself, I've had an idea for a solution floating around my head for awhile and I thought I would toss it out there.

The idea is a Homebrew App where you boot it up and it will transfer Your freind code to a server, and you will recive the FCs of those whose FCs have been entered upon using the app. You would then presumably have to wait a little while as people boot up the app and recive your Code, then upon re-entering the app the people who have recived your FC can recive yours or vice versa. Mabye with an Accept-Deny feature.

To deal with the lag issue an option to only send/recive codes from a seperate region/s could be immplemented.

How hard would this be? I have no idea. But it would make communicating with the Wii's online communitee a hell of a lot easier.

I know that its highly unlikly this app will ever exist. But if a skilled coder feels compeled/bored enough, then I think it would be great for the Homebrew Communitee.
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