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SNES9XGX controller issues

Posted by Bionicfemme 
SNES9XGX controller issues
March 02, 2012 04:15AM
Hey all, I'm pretty new to HBC, so I apologize if this is a question that's already been asked before. I just installed SNES9XGX, but none of my controllers seem to work. Other than that, it boots up just fine and finds the right directories, no other issues. I just can't control anything. Do I need a specific kind of controller or did I miss something in the installation process? The same goes for VBAGX.
Re: SNES9XGX controller issues
March 02, 2012 08:24PM
Anyone? Bueller? ...Bueller?
Re: SNES9XGX controller issues
March 02, 2012 08:33PM
Leave it more than 16 hours next time. This forum is not overly active and you cannot expect immediate responses. I for one have never used either of those emulators, nor do I intend to. There are probably plenty of other users for whom this is the case. Be patient and you should get a response.
Re: SNES9XGX controller issues
March 05, 2012 06:14AM
How old is your Wii, and more to the point, how old are your Wiimotes? The method traditionally used to communicate with Wiimotes in homebrew differs from the official mechanism, and doesn't work with the most recent Wiimote Plus revision. Assuming Snes9x GX hasn't been recompiled since support for the new models was added, this may well be your problem. Short of compiling it yourself, a GameCube controller should work fine if this is indeed the issue.
Re: SNES9XGX controller issues
March 12, 2012 09:36AM
I'm having the same issue. I cant work out how to set the controller I want to use to be anything other than the wiimote.
Re: SNES9XGX controller issues
March 26, 2012 02:05AM
i got the same problem, wiimote1 turn off when i start Snes9x GX 4.2.9 or FCE Ultra GX 3.2.9 , so i turn on wiimote 2 and it work but in game nothing to do without the wiimote1 any one know how to fix it ?
Re: SNES9XGX controller issues
March 26, 2012 06:18PM
I'm having the exact same problem; everything boots up fine up until I get to the game selection screen. Once the games are listed (which was awesome to see), the controller just disconnects from the wii. I tried manually syncing the controller back to the wii, but no dice.

If it is worth noting, I have the new, black wii that comes bundled with the recent Super Mario Bros. game.

Thanks for any tips!
Re: SNES9XGX controller issues
March 26, 2012 08:20PM
The newest wiimotes only work with recently built homebrew apps.
Re: SNES9XGX controller issues
April 07, 2012 01:02AM
so could you use the latest wii remote with a gamecube controller to play 2 player games?
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