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Magnetic Encoder

Posted by StudentWuVienna 
Magnetic Encoder
May 03, 2012 04:52PM
hey guys!

my name is Daniel Weingartshofer and I am a student of the Vienna University
of Economics and Business. I am currently attending a course at the
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, where we are
working on a project with the company AMS(austriamicrosystems).

In this project we are searching for new fields of application for a
"Magnetic Encoder". This product is basically a instrument, which consists
of a chip and a magnet, and the chip is able to exactly and securely measure
the position of the magnet (measurement of angle, 3d, rotation, or distance
possible). The encoder is accurate and fast and is able to measure the
position of the magnet contactless.

That is why I wanted to ask you if you could use such a contactless
measurement system for the Wii Balance board or could also think about
other applications where such a device would be helpful. I registered for this forum,
because I think that you are the experts in this field and would be so much
happy if you could come up with some ideas.
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