VBA GX 2.2.7 gamecube controller with problems
July 27, 2012 05:58AM
Hi there, before the 2.2.7 update for the VBA GX I could use my snes controller with gamecube adapter conected to my wii to play.

This evening I noticed serious lag (like 5-15 segs) when I was using it, I tried the same setup with the Snes9x GX and FCE ultra gx and the controller seems fine as usual. No lag, just perfect.

Then I got an original GC controller and plugged it to the wii, same thing, I reset it, tried with many games and nope,horrible lag that gives the illusion that the controller is broken.

I tried the wii mote with the VBA GX and it´s fine, so maybe it´s just a issue when you try to use the gamecube controller.

Can somebody confirm this? I think it needs a fix. Maybe the latest update got it wrong.

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Re: VBA GX 2.2.7 gamecube controller with problems
July 30, 2012 01:35AM
Today the emulator asked me to update again and now is working perfectly!

Thanks! :D
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