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WiiSX crashing when choosing 'Play game'

Posted by TomVinPrice 
WiiSX crashing when choosing 'Play game'
October 29, 2012 10:20PM
If anyone can help, please reply. I will give some details.

I just installed (I presume) the latest version of WiiSX to relive some childhood memories and all that, I downloaded Tenchu 2, it doesn't work and just crashes the console when I choose 'Play Game'. I'm unsure what version of homebrew I have too -_- I installed it about a year ago following some YouTube tutorial. Can anyone help???

EDIT: Now I got it working for like 5 seconds, it goes through the PS1 startup screen w/noise then crashes :( I managed this by changing the settings. I used select bios for USB and then booted through bios, but now I cant get past the damn PS1 startup, still need help lol

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