VBAGX Save Function Corrupted
November 30, 2012 09:02AM
Hi. I have a Wii with HBC that runs everything great, including, up until a few days ago, VBAGX. I know where files go for every program, the problem I'm having isn't related to that, and VBAGX has a directory editor anyway so that wouldn't be a problem. What's happened is my saves are no longer recognized because I have somehow got a dead string of code attached to the save function within VBAGX on the Wii itself. I think it's on the Wii itself because I also erased VBAGX from my SD card, then put a fresh program on, and got the same result. I've changed the directories, renamed the save function under different names, deleted the program and re-installed it, but every time after the last / mark a string of coding pops up. So what I'm reading, under the VBAGX Settings Menu on the keyboard layout where you assign directories, goes like this: vbagx/saves/ #%@$$#@^^&--ierow0.
Not those exact symbols, but I can't type the kind of gibberish it's giving me.
My questions are can I completely wipe VBAGX off my Wii so I can re-install it to full working order? Would I have to remove the HBC to do this? Would a new VBAGX release solve this? Or would an old VBAGX solve it? (But I can't find any older downloads). Is there any way I'm wrong and the problem isn't stuck on the Wii?
Thanks a lot.
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