Creating DOSBox Wii Batch Files with Automatic Keymapping
February 26, 2013 12:19PM
I've already postet this question in the Wiki which, in retrospect, might have been the wrong place so i hope you guys can help me out.

My question/problem revolves in general around creating DOSBox Wii batch files, specifically if automatic key mapping is possible.

I've already successfully used the keymapper to assign keyboard keys to the wiimote which worked flawlessly and i've created batch files to start some old dos games which i had lying around. Since Dos games rarely use the same keyboard keys i had to use the keymapper every time i ran a different Dos game to assign its various buttons. For example, if you want to run "a certain game with a guy and his pogostick" you'd have to assign the arrow keys (movement), ctrl (jump) and alt (use pogo stick) to the wiimote. So my question is:

Is it possible to create Dos-game-specific batch files in which the keyboard keys are automatically assigned to the chosen wiimote buttons with some sort of command and if yes, how would said batch file have to look like?

To reuse the example above, let's say i want to let the batch file automatically assign the movement keys to an analog stick, ctrl to wiimote's 1 and alt to wiimote's 2...
I googled the hell out of this topic but couldn't find a solution or tutorial. I also read the Dosbox Wii readme (especially chapter 7) several times but couldn't quite figure it out. Thanks for reading and maybe replying...
Re: Creating DOSBox Wii Batch Files with Automatic Keymapping
February 28, 2013 12:58PM
Calling a mapper file in a batch is not possible in Dosbox. The file is loaded at startup and you can't change its location "on the fly".
Almost all options (core, cycles etc...) can be called in a batch with cycles=5000 for ex. but not this one...

What you can do, if you don't have 1000 games to load :

- Create a folder called "mygame" in your apps folder on your sd card. Put all the content of Dosbox-wii in that folder.
- Edit your your dosbox.conf to call your batch or start your game directly.
- Launch Dosbox and type ctrl+F1 like you did to modify the bindings.

You can have as many folders as you want, but of course it'll take space on the SD card.
Note that you can't assign arrows keys to the pads in Dosbox-wii (or you have to change the source code).
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