Snes9xgx updated
July 13, 2013 03:34AM
So, I've gotten sick and tired of Snes9xgx telling me every single time that an update is available. So I finally broke down, and updated. Now when I go to use the forwarder channel it takes me to the app, but then that the current IOS is fake signed and will cause instability. If I access the app the long way (through homebrew channel, followed by selecting snes9xgx) it takes me to the app and works as it should.

Using the forwarder channel it cant find my external HDD, or any games, or work in any way. It just loads the app, and after that is nonfunctional. If you exit and then load the app the long way, everything works. I do not understand this, as I thought all a forwarder app did was load the same app directly.

Either way, the version numbers are the same.

What do I do to restore the functionality of the forwarder?
Re: Snes9xgx updated
July 13, 2013 05:24AM
Try reinstalling the forwarder.
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