Wii Atari 2600 Forwarder Channel
September 06, 2013 03:00AM
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of a Forwarder Channel especially for Atari 2600, to browse & Load my old Atari 2600 Games?

I'm looking for a Forwarder Channel & an Atari Channel Loader, for the Wii Menu..

I would like to click on the channel, and then pull up a menu of all Atari Games, with Cover Art.. is anyone doing this now??

actually, i havent yet loaded the Wii2600, which requires the games to be in the folder :\wii2600\roms

but from that set up, I can already see that there probably wont be a graphical interface with game cover art for selecting the games, is that correct?

is it just scroll down a list of file names?

anyway.. any graphical way to launch from cover art, for the wii??

I'd also be willing to try & develop my own, if anyone has that kind of skill or experience, or can point me in the right direction.

I'm also very interested in similar solutions for 7800, NES, SNES & N64

Re: Wii Atari 2600 Forwarder Channel
September 06, 2013 05:57AM
Actually, If I can just get a Forwarder Channel to Launch the Atari 2600 boot.dol, so I dont have to enter Homebrew, I'd be stoked..

Is there some Forwarder tool to turn any Homebrew Item into a Channel?

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