MP3+G Player doesn't seem to work
December 23, 2013 05:28AM
Hi there!
I have a black Wii with the official 4.3E update installed and with HBC 1.1.0 installed as well.

I am trying to use this MP3+G Player app to play some karaoke mp3 that I have, but for some reason I am not being able to do it.

As soon as I launch the app from HBC, my Wii stays at a black screen for a brief moment and then it returns to HBC. At this point the only thing I can see on HBC are the bubbles moving around (all the app launch buttons disappeared). Even if I return to System Menu and get back to HBC, apps are gone as if I had removed the SD card (in order to put thing right again, I have to reboot my Wii).

Any clue of what is happening and what can I do to solve it?
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