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Homebrew Browser Music not working

Posted by punkydudester 
Homebrew Browser Music not working
December 08, 2014 03:45AM
I updated my Homebrew browser the last time the update came out but ever since then the music won't play no matter what the settings say. I happen to like the music. How do I get this to work? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have also noticed every time I load HBB it code dumps the first time. Also there are a lot of emulators and media apps that aren't currently up to date. I will update WiiMC in HBB then go into the WiiMC and it will ask me to update again because the version in HBB is not current. There are still many apps not available in the HBB but only available on this site. I really like the HBB but it seems it isn't being kept current. I'm not getting after anyone just stating my findings since I have been using it for many years and am a bit worried about it.

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Re: Homebrew Browser Music not working
December 12, 2014 04:17PM
In the last version of Homebrew browser (0.3.9e) the mod music supports seems broken. You have 2 solutions:
1) revert to the version 0.3.9c and disable the auto program update in the options (as I did)
2) convert the loop.mod file in loop.ogg . Ogg support is still working.

The Homebrew browser repository has not been updated for more than one year and I believe the they do not want to update it anymore.
Re: Homebrew Browser Music not working
December 13, 2014 08:24PM
Oh that is so sad. I love the HBB. I still see new stuff on it once in a while but usually only games. Why in the world would they not want this great app still running?! I also get a code dump 50% of the time when I load HBB. I also get a code dump when I am in the HBB and have downloaded around 10 things.
I will convert the file to .ogg. Thanks for your help.
Re: Homebrew Browser Music not working
December 14, 2014 11:11AM
The version 0.3.9c seems more stable without code dumps.
Re: Homebrew Browser Music not working
December 17, 2014 03:20AM
The wii alone is going to the ages, look at all the new game systems out, wiiU, playastation, xbox. There is not much of a need to keep updateing and changes on the wii, before long it will be like the other long lost game systems, obsolete.
Re: Homebrew Browser Music not working
January 02, 2015 09:23PM
That maybe but the homebrew is still alive and well. Obsolete or not it is still the only system that can have all of the older systems on it. There are still plenty of people keeping it alive. Until another system has the ability to do this and has done it there is no reason to shove the Wii aside just because it isn't the newest one out. A lot of labor of love has gone into all of the homebrew on the Wii and it will only die if the dev's stop supporting it. If they keep supporting it then it will live years to come still. I have been on other sites that still support much older systems and they are still developing new homebrew for even the Atari and commodore 64 and there are plenty of others. Wiibrew is still very much alive and should still be cared for and maintained for the same love as why it started in the first place.
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