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Are people still making Wii Homebrew?

Posted by MegaSuperab 
Are people still making Wii Homebrew?
June 27, 2016 06:52PM
I've barley seen any news about Wii Homebrew apps since forever ago. Are people still developing apps for Wii Homebrew, or is the entirety of Wii Homebrew apps dead? I know CTGPR is still getting updates though.
Re: Are people still making Wii Homebrew?
July 02, 2016 07:38PM
It has definitely slowed down a lot. The Wii is much older now and over time interest in homebrew drops. And there's always the fact that there are more open systems to develop for.
Re: Are people still making Wii Homebrew?
July 06, 2016 09:18PM
hi all

new to site but not to homebrew etc

my wii is my life almost

I'm an old gamer with mame snes nes n64 genesis emulators et and roms running good but could be better with a bit of help here ..

is there much help here from this site I hope so as it seems to have lots of questions etc

ive been looking for a few answers about a back up of the system etc like I see about saving the system in event of a crash

I'm at the latest wii software 4.3e know there is no more updates from Nintendo to the wii anyhow but just in case and mame roms

have a few mame roms running but a lotlot more crash seen the guys site about wha games work but even though I get a few they still crash I know about cmd files etc and if there needed

but backing up firsy in more important so any help appreciated

Re: Are people still making Wii Homebrew?
September 06, 2016 03:12AM
@MegaSuperab I have one game that I am working on but my dev cycles are pretty long so it wont be playable until next year the earliest :( follow me @newogame my older stuff is on; [wiibrew.org]
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