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Invisible Posts? - Bug

Posted by AerialX 
Invisible Posts? - Bug
November 02, 2008 12:39AM
I keep seeing the unread posts and thread number on the main forum page (the red number beside the post/topic count) appear, but when I go to the forum nothing is bolded (indicating unread posts)...

Not only that, but there is no new topic or post on the forum page. However, for example... On the Homebrew General page, it lists the last poster on the Mega Merged thread to be DrLucky right now, even though when visiting the thread, there have been two posts since (the last by Arikado). It's not a caching problem on the client's end since I've done a hard-refresh and the Views count on the forum list is still increasing. I have no idea what's going on, but it seems that the forum lists aren't actually being updated with new posts or topics (the coding forum said there was one new topic, but I can't even see it).

No idea what it is, and for all I know you won't even be able to see this thread :/
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