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Over-aggressive caching on Wiki

Posted by SamB 
Over-aggressive caching on Wiki
June 07, 2012 10:31PM
I've been having problems with Special:Preferences on the wiki; it kept seeming not to change my settings. At first I thought it might be my browser or something, so I tried a different one, and discovered that some of the things I'd tried to change had gone through after all. So I tried to change the rest, but soon it seemed stuck again...

So, I thought maybe it was a cache problem, and tried turning off the local cache in Safari. This didn't help, so I eventually tried adding bogus query parameters to the
form of the address (which you reach by attempting to save preferences).

Anyway, the point is that someone should probably reconfigure varnish so that it doesn't try to cache Special:Preferences, with either form of address; and I would be surprised if there weren't other Special: pages that it can bogusly cache...

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