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Great Brew Potential

Posted by xlegs 
Great Brew Potential
September 23, 2008 04:30AM
With Wii menu hacked, can we run the games in a hacked environment so we can run VC/Wii Ware and game saves on a USB drive? I am not a coder in any way, but can we play our games on the SD card rather than the limited Wii memory? '

If we CAN boot Wii games from a homebrew environment, can we also have constant voice chat with a USB mic? We can enable voice chat with anybody during any moment in a game, theoretically.

These ideas are pobably being thought about, but I want to know if this is possible and if it is in development.

Another idea ...

There is some cool stuff going on in the DS Brew as well. If we can get the Wii to broadcast DS brew through Download Play, we can make DS brew much more accessible. We can use the DS as interface and *maybe* we can wipe an authentic DS card and reformat it for brew. I don't care for keeping the Metroid Prime First Hunt demo. I want to wipe it and load brew from it. There is a lot of potential.

I am no coder, but if this collaboration can happen, great things will come. Spread the word. ;)
Re: Great Brew Potential
September 23, 2008 05:31AM
USB ports on the Wii aren't USB 2.0, thus too slow to run games off of, maybe from an SD Card.

Also that DS thing doesn't seem doable. But loading DS Brew from the Wii via downlaod play sounds awesome but if that were to happen then flashcarts would be pretty useless, except to the people without Wiis.

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Re: Great Brew Potential
September 25, 2008 02:42AM
Most of these ideas have been discussed before.
Voice chat: not that feasible, because the Wii games don't run under an OS like X360. The Wii Menu acts as a loader; when the game starts, it takes right over the CPU. Possibly a heavily hacked/homebrew IOS could implement something like this.

DS: We could, if we knew how to work the wifi hardware well enough, send Download Play broadcasts to a DS, but we'd have the same restrictions as doing it on a PC. The programs are signed, so you need to have FlashMe installed on the DS to be able to download homebrew. (You can send all the Nintendo demos you like though.) You can't simply erase a DS game card either; they're ROM chips. Basically, the Wii doesn't open up any new options for DS homebrew.

Games/saves from external media: I'm sure it's possible, but I don't think the mods here want it being discussed because it opens the doors to piracy. I don't know the system well enough to say much about it. Hacking games to save to SD/USB is possible, but would probably be difficult. All things considered, it's probably not worth the effort, since 512MB is plenty of space for saves and will hold a decent number of VC games; the only reason you'd want to use external memory at all is for backing them up and moving off the ones you're not currently using. Someone recently developed a SadMenu patch to remove the save game copy restrictions, so that will probably be in the next version of StarFall.

(Considering, though, that games probably all use the same routines from the devkit for saving, or pass the data to IOS, hacking them to save to SD might not be that hard. Could be an interesting project.)

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