Homebrew App Idea
September 25, 2008 08:47PM
I have an idea. I was wondering if you could run, Wii speak over a game? like a plugin?

Basically, someone makes an application which when booted, Dumps Code into ram, Then requires you to plug in a USB Microphone (Will need drivers...).. or a Wiispeak, when detected Put in your game into the Wii and press Launch, the game will launch as normal but when you press Home and Minus + Plus Game pauses and Plugin menu comes up (Like when you have a cheat plugin on the PSP), then you have a GUI and can press connect, once connected to a special homebrew server built for Voice chatting, Login from the details you register to see if any of your friends are online, if they are you can open a chat session with them, then press Home - minus and plus to hide gui and unpause the game, this would work best if ur playing the game offline and just wanna chat with your mate, however it will work online but you might have lagg, so in this case if you have a wireless router, your wii would connect to that for playing the game, and then you would have an option for the voice chat plugin to use the LAN adapter so basically it uses LAN for Voice and wireless for gaming, or you can route both from wireless or lan (single) but would have more lagg.

Is this possible? Im kinda concerned about the Ram, I keep hearing people say the Wii has 24mb of ram, or 88mb of ram i want a straight answer.. I dont get how nintendo can accomplish gaming with 24mb of ram on a new generation of gaming its ridiculous.

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Re: Homebrew App Idea
September 26, 2008 01:43AM
88 MB main memory (24 MB "internal" 1T-SRAM integrated into graphics package, 64 MB "external" GDDR3 SDRAM)
So basically it sounds like 88MB, 24 of which is faster than the rest. I think Starlet has a bit of memory reserved for IOS as well.

Anyway, this idea has been brought up several times now. Wii games don't run under an OS like PC or Xbox 360 games do, so we can't simply patch the OS. We would have to either patch IOS (which runs in parallel on the Starlet), or the games themselves. It's possible, but adding complex features such as voice chat would be difficult.
Re: Homebrew App Idea
September 27, 2008 09:37PM
The PSP dosnt run an Os, but it can Run Plugins while playing games, weather its a cheat device or a USB activate, Etc. the Wii should be able to do it.. Oh and before u say, The wii isnt a psp it actually is very simular.
Re: Homebrew App Idea
September 28, 2008 01:09AM
It is technically possible, in the same way that GeckoOS/Ocarina overwrite memory whilst the game is running. Hooking an interrupt handler to run code once per frame etc. could do it. However, the overhead required to implement voice streaming may actually impact the game significantly, and may possibly make the game unplayable. I guess we'll never know unless somebody implements it, and sets up a server to allow the transfer of voice input to other players in the same game
Re: Homebrew App Idea
September 29, 2008 06:33PM
in the same way that GeckoOS/Ocarina overwrite memory whilst the game is running. Hooking an interrupt handler to run code once per frame etc.

Thank you. I have been wondering how Ocarina stays active for a long time. Now I know
Re: Homebrew App Idea
September 29, 2008 08:00PM
That's my assumption, based upon past experience with other machines. They may not actually work like that :-)

But that aside, they do manage to stay running while another program is on (that's the only way I can think cheats would stay persistant), which must mean you could add something else.

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Re: Homebrew App Idea
September 29, 2008 11:05PM
That's my assumption

Oh :(

Thanks anyway. I guess I will have to look further then.
Re: Homebrew App Idea
October 04, 2008 07:46AM
Yes, it hooks into the game program when it loads, adding its own routine into an interrupt handler or similar loop.
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