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Hexen,Hertic and Blood

Posted by moronicron 
Hexen,Hertic and Blood
September 27, 2008 11:25PM
we got doom but we need someother games like Blood and possibly blood 2. and hexen and hertic would allso be awsome.
Re: Hexen,Hertic and Blood
September 28, 2008 01:20AM
Blood and Blood 2, as far as I'm aware use the BUILD engine by Ken Silverman (used in Duke Nukem 3D). So these will require a new port.

That said, the BUILD engine has been made available, and JonoF has made Windows ports of Duke3D etc.

Hexen and Heritic both use the Doom engine (with small modifications), so they should be a bit easier to implement.

I'd look forward to Duke3D on the Wii :-D
Re: Hexen,Hertic and Blood
September 28, 2008 09:20AM
thnaks for metionig the duke I allso want that game.
Re: Hexen,Hertic and Blood
September 28, 2008 10:19AM
Yeah, I loved Blood, DukeNukem and Shadow Warrior. It would be cool to see any of these on the Wii (Duke was even ported to the DS, so hardware specs definitely aren't an issue).
I'm really hoping for a Descent port though. That would be amazingly fun with Wii controls.
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