Help on twilight hack
November 19, 2008 03:30PM
Ok so this is my first time trying to install the homebrew channel, I read some guides, did my research, and collected all the materials I need. Just one question, I'm borrowing my friends TP and I dunno how but his serial # is all scratched up and I can't see what it is. My other friend says he has a backup copy I can use, but that doesn't help either. The only thing that I'm worried is that since Im in the US, I understand that there are 2 save spots for the US twilight princess. Without a serial, would be ok if I just guessed which save slot it is, and if one doesn't work try the other? Or is this going to brick my wii, and I should get a legit copy which I could just rent I guess. But I'd rather save me the $5 :p
Edit: I have the wiikey, but I'm on firmware 3.3 :(

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Re: Help on twilight hack
November 19, 2008 04:21PM
We don't support piracy here...

I am assuming that you have your original game backed up and your first was destroyed, so you can not look at the code on the disc.

Since your backup of the game you bought was copied, then it is exactly the same, so it would work for the twilight hack.
I don't know what would happen if you used the wrong one though....

BUT!!! Since you have a wiikey and can boot something burned to a disc, if your wii is < 3.3, then you can use the HBC installer disc and not have to worry about the twilight hack at all.
Re: Help on twilight hack
November 20, 2008 03:16AM
Don't worry, I have tried both files (0 & 2). My disc is 2 and I wanted to randomly try the 0 file to see what would happen. Luckily nothing... I talked to the guy and it just froze... I turned it off and back on and nothing happened, I just started up the game normally with no error or problems. So I am guessing if you try trial and error nothing will happen.
Re: Help on twilight hack
November 20, 2008 12:43PM
is my memory failing or did llee8820 edit his post to sound less like a pirate?
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