hbc 8 iso
November 22, 2008 12:29AM
I have Cios rev7 installed and for the hell of it used waninkoko's menu patcher and found that it loads and runs the hbc 8 install disc.
my question is does the hbc 8 disc use the same exploit that the twilight hack save file or some other exploit.
I understand that the disc is trucha signed and wont work on 3.3 and higher. Also I am not a pirate, i just wanted to see if the iso loader could load the templates that were released in august.

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Re: hbc 8 iso
November 23, 2008 06:03AM
The HBC discs are fake-signed; "CIOS"/the menu patcher most likely just run an older version of IOS that has the signing bug. They have nothing to do with the Twilight Hack; that's only involved if you're using a hacked Zelda save file.

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