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[Luks + Linux] Using the Wii as Storeage Server

Posted by badbob 
[Luks + Linux] Using the Wii as Storeage Server
February 15, 2010 02:07AM
Hi want to use the Wii for as storeage server.

The Idea is basicly:

Encrycpted HDD in external Case -> USB 2.0 -> WII -> Ethernet LAN -> Switch

I want to do it with LUKS and Linux. Is it possible with the current linux version of Linux. I don't got WLAN (for some reasongs). Is there a possibility to use a USB TO Ethernet Converter?

Re: [Luks + Linux] Using the Wii as Storeage Server
February 18, 2010 03:20AM
ok did myself some research.

USB 2.0 = 360 MBit/s (thats around 80 MB/s).

I think the wii has just 1 usb host so the hard drive and the USB Ethernet adapter share the 80 MB/s. Correct me if I'm wrong.
That is no problem sind the Ethernet needs around 12,5 MB/s and the hard drive around 30 MB/s.

For the USB 2.0 LAN I'm going to take this one for 20€ from Amazon: [www.amazon.de]

Im going to take Whiite Linux which is a normal debian: [www.gc-linux.org]
Going to use Luks for the encryption and use samba (SMB) for the networkaccess on the harddrive. Addionally SSH for remote controll.

I'm not shure what Debian (Whiite) + SSH + SAMBA + LUKS needs in RAM. There are around 70 MB in the Wii avaible. Do you think I can get into trouble or will it possible?

If its possible it's a very nice crypto storeage server taking just 19 Watt (like a router) with secure open source encryption like twofish cipher and xts blockmode :).

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