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Help regarding "Channels"

Posted by ThatNoobyGuy 
Help regarding "Channels"
March 31, 2011 06:34PM
Ok, so i installed the HBC and BootMii as boot2. I got a N64 emulator for it, i want a "Channel" for the emulator, to save time. Where can i get a channel for "Wii64" and how to i install it?

Re: Help regarding "Channels"
April 01, 2011 09:47PM
I would happily link you, but there are several troubling issues with helping you that would go against the forum rules. As useless as I have been in this post, the only viable suggestion I can make is to use google for your endeavors. Good luck.
Re: Help regarding "Channels"
April 06, 2011 03:49AM
Hi ThatNoobyGuy. The issue with your request is that the majority of existing/available tools for making Wii Channels contain copyrighted code from Nintendo, and thus are not discussable within the WiiBrew.org community--its strictly against community policy to use Nintendo code to create software.

WiiBrew.org is very anti-piracy, and insists on only using and supplying applications and tools that do not contain copyrighted code. This protects the WiiBrew.org tools and community from copyright infringment concerns and potential lawsuits.

The few channels that are available thru WiiBrew.org, for things like the SNES, NES, and GBA emulators, come from custom generated code made by members of the community (well, mostly Tantric). That's why the offerings here may not appear as complete as other sites, but they won't get you sued. The positive side to all this (and its a big positive), is that WiiBrew.org channels won't brick your Wii.
Re: Help regarding "Channels"
April 22, 2011 01:23PM
Most tools used now are perfectly legal. The problem is that channel makers use bits of official channels with those legal tools, and those bits of official channels are illegal to use.
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