My apps are acting funny
January 14, 2012 05:47PM
I was trying to play on my SNES9x emulator on my Homebrew channel but for some reason it began to act weird. For one thing my Wii mote stopped responding to the program and it didn't let up until I had manually restart the Wii. I don't think anything is messed up yet but my apps are not responding as well as the used to. I think it may have something to do with SD card . I found that there was a small crack on the adapter but things didn't start getting screwy until today. Will that crack or small opening affect my Homebrew?
Re: My apps are acting funny
January 15, 2012 12:43AM
I have a crack on my SD card and nothing happens. Are you sure the batteries aren't low?
Re: My apps are acting funny
January 15, 2012 12:53AM
It turns out that SD card was on lock and my emulator is working fine now but some of my programs are still screwy and batteries are still charged. Maybe my programs are bad?

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Re: My apps are acting funny
January 28, 2012 11:51PM
You could always try downloading the broken apps again. If that doesn't work you could try formatting your card and downloading everything again.
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