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For anyone having trouble with Letterbomb...

Posted by d3m0n1q_733rz 
For anyone having trouble with Letterbomb...
May 07, 2012 10:22AM
Alright, I've found the solution to my friend's older Wii system. I tried Wilbrand and it worked like a charm. If any of you are having problems with your MAC addresses being refused, download and try Wilbrand. If it doesn't work as well, the problem is probably in your SD card somewhere. Either the method in which it is formatted/partitioned or just the type that it is.
Re: For anyone having trouble with Letterbomb...
May 08, 2012 04:24AM
Yes, if you have a MAC address that does not work with Letterbomb, try Wilbrand. Get the GUI version here: [www.mediafire.com]
All you have to do is enter your MAC address and System Menu version/region. The date should automatically be set to "yesterday." Then click "Create Exploit". Copy the newly created "private" folder to your SD card and insert it into your Wii. Go to "yesterday" on the message board and select the exploited letter.
Credit for Wilbrand goes to giantpune and credit for the GUI goes to asper. The application is Windows only.

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