Issue with SNEEK
May 04, 2014 01:17PM
I have issue with Sneek. I'm trying to make emulated NAND. Everytime when i'm trying to book SNEEK it's end with black screen and blinking drive led (blinks non stop so I assume it's 5 x blink in loop which mean "Can't load kernel.bin from SD"). I've tried 2GB SD and 8GB SD both are detected in Wii HBC. I have PAL Wii with 4.3E. I'm making Emu with only ModMii 6.3.1 or Sneek Installer 0.7a + ModMii (ModMii only to download/create NAND). Odd thing is that Sneek installer after installing Sneek says that kernel.bin size is incorrect. Error happens every time no matter which version I'll choose (Sneek/Uneek - NAND on SD or NAND on USB [on usb I have first partition formatted in FAT32, cluster size 32kb, Primary and active]).
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